Berkeley Path GIFDark Walk Studios is a new home for horror, their first piece being Berkeley Path; a psychological horror with innovative mechanics. It is completely funded by its amazing community, to whom we are grateful

Meet the Dark Walk Studios Team

The Dark Walk Studios team is from all over the globe and work tirelessly on a pay of $0 to bring excellent games to our audience. Every member of our team works a second job in order to fund our game development and many of us attend school while working on the project.
Picture of Edward Fisher JR

Edward Fisher JR

Lead Developer

Edward Fisher founded Dark Walk Studios in March of 2016 alongside Chris McKnight in the hopes of creating a unique and innovate horror game. Edward takes care of all business related and financial decisions as well as ensuring that the project is completed in a timely manner with quality

Chris McKnight

Lead Artist

Chris McKnight founded Dark Walk Studios alongside Edward Fisher in March of 2016. From the beginning of the project Chris has worked to enhance the visual style of Berkeley Path as well as to produce a large open world for our players to lose themselves in

Samantha Van Bibber

Community Management/Assistant Producer

Sam Van Bibber wears more hats on our development team than any other member. Acting as both an essential member of the design team, as well as acting as a community manager and helping with decisions related to the direction of Berkeley Paths development and the direction of Dark Walk Studios as a whole

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